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 Private Consultations are tailored for individual needs. Offered during regular clinic hours, in time slots that fit your needs and budget. Not sure what type of training your pet needs, or feel lost with regards to your pets behavior? Then this is the solution for you. Private Consults are designed for what you need, from a one time session to modify changes in your home and lifestyle to personalized packages that target the specific skill or behavior you are looking to work on. These appointments are for cats and dogs of all ages.

Examples of some topics covered in private sessions:

  • Cats going outside of the litterbox (when medical causes have been ruled out).
  • Puppy potty training (when medical causes have been ruled out)
  • Specific fears and phobias (fear of weight scale, nail trims, ear cleaning, brushing, etc.)
  • Crate training

15 Minute Session - $30                    Packages available upon request.

30 Minute Session - $60

45 Minute Session - $80

To book a Private Consultation or to discuss options please contact Zonia at 607-739-3507 or zonia@agape-vet.com

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